Think Outside the Box: Creative Ways to Cut Costs


Are you looking for ways to minimize your expenses and boost your company profits?

Look no further! Running your business doesn’t have to be harsh on your budget—IF you’re creative enough.

There are many ways to save yourself from a deficit without cutting staff or settling for substandard work materials.

Just follow these creative techniques that will help you spend less and save more.

  1. Reuse and recycle. This concept of being resourceful doesn’t only apply to waste management. It is equally useful when you’re in a cash crunch. By choosing to be more practical and inventive with your raw materials, or what’s left of them, you also reduce your expenses. And if savings aren’t motivating by themselves, think environment friendly!
  2. Cross-train and multitask. You can also be resourceful with your staff. Instead of hiring a new team member for a new task, how about training the people you currently have to take ownership of the new assignment? This way, you are able to maximize their hours and get more value for what you’re paying. And it’s not only helpful for you, you are also pushing your staff to become more flexible and competent by learning new tasks and acquiring new skills.
  3. Look for better ‘value’ options. Think replacing old equipment will cost you big time? What about utility and efficiency? Your old one may be low on production and high on maintenance. Consider upgrading to something that give you more value over time due to higher efficiency, improved productivity, lower maintenance and energy expense, and longer useful life. You will find that it’s a lot cheaper in the long run.
  4. Slice and dice capital outlay. Another alternative is to sell your current equipment and lease it again. Or, instead of investing in expensive software, opt for a subscription. When you don’t commit to a long-term relationship, you can switch anytime when you find better, cheaper solutions.
  5. Bid with suppliers. If your current supplier is becoming too expensive, shop around. There are other suppliers who are waiting for your invitation to bid.

With these creative options, you will spend less and save more.

Can you think of other creative ways to increase your savings?

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