How to Increase Gross Profit


Your gross profit can help you manage your costs and revenue generation more efficiently. Armed with the right knowledge, you will find yourself a better manager and decision maker.

An increased gross profit means a better business—and more importantly, more money. (For a step-by-step tutorial on how you can compute your gross profit, see this LINK). Given this, you have to constantly aim at improving your gross profit numbers. The following will you show how:

  1. Conduct an inventory of the price of your supplies. The costs of your materials have a great effect on your profits. Since your costs are inversely proportional to your earnings, increasing your profit margin means minimizing your costs. Take time to review your suppliers and their prices. Don’t hesitate to change your supplier along the way if you find that you can get better prices through bidding with other providers.
  2. Improve your productivity values. Are you using manual labor or mechanical equipment to develop a product or service? Review your productivity rates to check if some of your people are underperforming or if your machines need to undergo repair or enhancement for improved efficiency.
  3. Increase your weekly sales targets. Aim high, and higher by reviewing your targets regularly. Develop a sales plan that your staff can commit to and incentivize them to exceed your goals.
  4. Take a premium price position. Your price should properly reflect the high quality you are offering to your patrons. Remember that people are willing to pay for whatever value you are giving them. In fact, in market psychology, people perceive more value in products that are more expensive.
  5. Get expert help. If you’re not sure which road to trek, you can make use of the wisdom of someone who has been there and done that. Some businesses can’t afford a trial and error, so don’t venture on risky assumptions. You will need someone who can guarantee your financial stability and help you achieve your well-deserved growth and success.  Hire a good accountant and financial manager to guide you in these critical decisions.

These are just some of the practical tips that you can readily apply to your business. With these tips and the right kind of help, your gross profits will improve dramatically.

What’s your favorite profit generation technique?

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