About Financial Insights

Financial Insights was founded in 2008, when Graham Mitchell decided to follow his passion of helping the owners of small- and medium-sized business build more profitable businesses. In 2011, Samantha Mitchell, a partner at KPMG and a specialist in the audit of IT Accounting Systems, decided to leave KPMG and joined Financial Insights. Today, this husband-and-wife team work together to optimize outsourced financial and accounting services.

Financial Insight’s main goal is to help businesses become more profitable by business coaching and integrated financial advice. Where other companies give you dry reports, Financial Insights provides monthly reports tailored specifically for your business and that are full of meaningful information – information that is designed to help you make decisions and to build a more profitable business.

At Financial Insights, we are more than just accounting. We give information, advice, and the freedom for business owners to pursue their own strengths and passions.

About Our Company

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